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User Rules

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1 User Rules on Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:38 pm


1: The Players
Respect all players and their property and no spreading rumours about other players.
Respect staff:
Their word is final. IF SPAMMED
No spreading rumours about staff.
Respect the world. No racist or sexist remarks.
Swearing is allowed unless directed towards individuals.

2: The community
No advertising other servers.
No spamming random messages.
No DDOS threats.
3: The server
No hacking/using LUA etc. exploits. We can detect them.
No propmessing (Propclimbing, killing etc.)
4: Gameplay
No random death matches. (RDM)
No car death matches (CDM)
Do not use the wrong channel for the wrong purpose (Metagaming):
Using Out Of Character chat for in roleplay purposes.
Using advert for Out Of Character purposes.
No self-supplying. This is buying guns with a gun dealer class for personal use.
No self-supplying. This is buying guns with a gun dealer class for personal use.

Colorcode key (Severity):
Red: Severity 1:
These types of actions are the most untolerated and severe on the server. They will/should be punished by a permanent ban without warning.
PUNISH LEVEL: Permanent ban.

Orange: Severity 2:
These types of actions are untolerated and are punished severely. They will/should be noticed with a week ban (with a warning notice)
PUNISH LEVEL: Week ban (with a Severity 2 warning notice).

Yellow: Severity 3:
These types of actions will be punished however aren’t as severe as Severity 1 or 2. They will/should be punished with a 24 hour ban (with a warning notice).
PUNISH LEVEL: 24 hour ban (with a Severity 3 warning notice).

Dark Yellow:
Severity 4:
These types of actions aren’t as severe as the above however will be punished with 2 warning notices.
PUNISH LEVEL:  2 Warning notices (Severity 3).

Brown: Severity 5:
These types of actions are minor however should be punished. They will/should be punished with a Severity 4 warning notice.
PUNISH LEVEL:  1 Warning Notice (Severity 5).

Dark Red: Severity 6:
These types of actions only apply to staff. They will result in a demotion. If secondary offences occur, the user will be blacklisted for staff. A warning notice should also be issued.
Primary offence: Demotion and warning notice (Severity 6)
Secondary: Blacklisting and warning notice (Severity 6)

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