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Staff Template

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1 Staff Template on Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:34 pm



Age (Min 14):

Steam ID:

Link to your Steam Profile (Make sure its not private):

Steam Name:

In Game Name:

Overall time on server:


Why would you like to become a staff member on our server ?

Have you been staff on any other servers in particular Darkrp servers ?

Have you had experience with ULX?

Why we should pick you? (Minimum 250 words)

How much can you get on in a week (Rough Hour Figure) ?

Why our server ?

Have you ever been warned, kicked or banned from our server?

Answer these scenarios:

Explain "Metagaming" and give a scenario:

Explain "Random DeathMatch"(RDM) and give a scenario:

Explain how you would handle the following:
Player1 accuses Player2 for RDMing him, in the logs it shows Player2 killed Player1 - What do you do?

Explain how you would handle the following:
PlayerX says in OOC chat "Mug Drop 5K Or Die" - What do you do?

More information from you.

Tell me a little bit about you (Minimum 75 words)

Tell me your favorite roleplay job and why ?

It may take us 1-3 days to get back to you on a staff aplication.

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